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I am a little bit confused. I apologise if I missed this thread. Did I just see boobies in the ad bar at the top of my page? I was about to hit Scrn Pnt so I could post it... but it refreshed and I lost it I must say I was impressed at the images yet could not believe it... Has any one else seen this ad?

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Does this count as "boobies" ?
Lftndbt (author)  chooseausername9 years ago
Not as impressive as the ones I saw.
I'm sure I would have preferred to see those you're talking about ...........
Kiteman9 years ago
Could it have been the silicon-moulding 'ible? I usually just get the "Drawing for Non-Majors" ad, that serious-looking chap in accountant spectacles.
across the top I seem to get random items depending on where I happen to be at this site, but on the right.....I get a lot of this annoying looking bald fellow in specticles pointing at ME advertising Pennsylvania Accident Lawyers. It comes up way too often for my liking :-)
me Too! skate6566, you live in pennsylvania too?
On the other end of the state (I think), about an hour and a half from Philly, and about 3-4 hours from Gettysburg (and about an hour from Harrisburg, and a little further to Hershey :-)
Have you ever been to the battlefields?
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