Name this movie.

The first person to name the movie in the background of this picture will receive a 1 year pro membership code.  Show me how well you know your sci-fi.

Picture of Name this movie.
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Kiteman2 years ago

I think it's either Alien or Aliens.

Attmos (author)  Kiteman2 years ago

Nice! It is Alien! I'm impressed, that's a pretty obscure shot of the movie, blurry, tiny and in the background of a dark photo. I'll try to make the next one more difficult. :) Your prize will be in your inbox shortly.

Kiteman Attmos2 years ago

Cool - check your own inbox, though!

alien. check the hair. i could b wrong.

Attmos (author)  Toga_Dan2 years ago

I think you need a small prize for the assist. :) Check your inbox shortly.

I think you're right, I just looked at the shape of the corridor.