Names, Names, Names

Okay so I have been writing SEVERAL books but it seems to me the names of my character's names just aren't good enough.... Anyway, I need some unique cool names for both boys and girls. I hope you can help! And I dont care what names you put as long as there are some ;) THNX A BUNCH

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Oz vesallius!

You could give this site a try.
In fact it's a fairly good site for writers all round, with all kinds of advice & information.
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FoolishSage4 years ago
I dont know what kind of names you are looking for but there are several name generators (by language or genre for example). Just google "name generator" and try one ;)
Squaggadoodle (author)  FoolishSage4 years ago
ok thnx! I only adopted so I didn't know about those and I hear there are also books. Haha, I'll get a book to help me write one ;)
If you are really going for unique then you might want to make your own generator in excel or something (random number generator for length and then that many loops to randomly fill in letters based on your choice in weighing criteria).

If you are writing a fantasy setting then this way you can also create your own rules for each race/faction.
Squaggadoodle (author)  FoolishSage4 years ago
how could I make my own?
If you want to build one in excel you would need to program in VBA. The actual code would be very dependent on what rules you want to apply... In short: you need to start the macro, input your rules (odds for each letter, odds of general sequences, odds of specific sequences, etc), randomly generate name length, start a loop to generate each letter and display the result. Then you can run it several times until you get something you like.

I wont get my laptop with excel back for a couple weeks so I cant really be much more specific with my help at this moment.
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thank you 4 all ur help btw, u must b full of ideas!
lemonie4 years ago

Boy: THX 1139
Girl: BCH 3418
Kiteman4 years ago
Grab a phone-book, and flick through until you find suitable (and absolutely real) names.

JK Rowling used real people's names in the Harry Potter books.
Squaggadoodle (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
haha yeah ok! smart idea, I used to do that but I kind of want.... not popular names and most names I found were along the lines of John, Sam, Jane, ext. Not that those are bad names, the're actually great names, but just not for these books I think. But oh well, I'm just being picky. Thank you :) Love ur pic btw and I'll try. We recently moved to Europe so perhaps I can get a new phonebook here with new names
Hope this helps! I'll post more if I can! Good luck with your book :)
thank u, and wow... haha I'm sure all those names will help. Some of them seem a little... too unique though. I don't know though, maybe I could fit a character named Soda and Halt in somewhere ;) Thankyou. Oh and my daughter's name is Larain, the R isnt capitolized but its funny you said that!
Thanks a bunch!
Boys: Arthur , Carlson
Girls : Elee , Charmaine , Zenna
Squaggadoodle (author)  polcaandcoffee4 years ago
oh wow thnx! Zenna, cool name haha

Boyz: (1) Will (2) Halt (3) Horace (4) Erik (5) Soda :S haha (6) Easy (7) Julian (8) Ash (9) Eein (10) Draven

Girlz: (1) Eke (2) Aspen (3) River (4) LaRain (5) Gale or Gail wutev (6) Cherrie (7) Kay (8) Rudie (9) Delia (10) Maddie