Natural light for fixing sleep problems?

Saw this over at - guy talking about using blue light to fix up his sleep patterns. In the comments someone reckons instead of spending $200 on a light one could make one using off-the-shelf LEDs. Anyone got any thoughts, or better yet, instructable?! Oh, you could buy such a light here.

ewilhelm10 years ago
wikityler10 years ago
I fixed my sleep in problems by leaving my window open, and never closing the blinds or drapes. As the sun rises, and it becomes lighter out, your circadian clock will realize that you will need to wake up soon, and start to slowly wake you up. Recently I've been waking up easily at 7:30am, even if i was up until 4:30am.
TinyPirate (author)  wikityler10 years ago
Sounds a lot cheaper than a big light thing. But not as nearly as fun, and not much use in the depths of winter at extreme latitude. But good point really.
lemonie10 years ago
Looking at them, you probaby could. But I'm not convinced that they are any use