Need Altoids Tins

I just need some Altoids tins to make survival kits for my family i have all the other stuff I just need the Altoids tins if you want to send some just let me know and we will arrange the shipping!

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themoose645 years ago
when we did this craft club thing years ago we need the tins, but they had to be empty. we couldnt get empty ones so we bought full tins and poured the mints into a big bag. BIG MISTAKE. we still have little mints that no one wants from 2 years ago.
i need them too
jhoehler6 years ago
I have many are you looking for?
hi i reallllllllly need a free altoids tin please send me one because i live in nz
hi i reallllllllly need a free altoids tin please send me one because i live in nz
oanderson6 years ago
I was just thinking, if you live in England you can buy Barkley's mint tins, they are pretty much the same and that's what I've used.
I3uckwheat (author)  oanderson6 years ago
No, i live in the US but i just don't want to buy any and if someone had some lying around instead of throwing them away they could give them to me.
Yeah I suppose, I just have to make do with the Barkley's.
They sell Altoids over here - I've seen them in both Morrisons and Tescos.

The back of the tin beside me says:

Callard & Bowser International
PO Box 229

So you could write to them, try to scrounge a few empties?

Or maybe try their (American) contact page?

.  +1
.  Be sure to mention that you will be publishing an iBle that will feature their product(s), encouraging others to purchase said product(s).
.  Since they are such popular hobby boxes, don't be surprised if the company cannot fulfill requests for free tins. But they'll never say yes if you don't ask.
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