Need Geometry Help!!!!!! VERY Urgent!

My school thought it would be a good idea to give me 3 massive projects all due in teh same date (2 days) I finished an enlgish project that involved a table with 300 words and theire meanings and stuff.

Now I'm down to a geometry project, using the Pythagorean theorem (did I spell that right?). The problem is such:

In the triangle ABC, rectangle in C (C=90 o). a=15 units and c=17 units. Unit=1/2 centimeter

Use the theorem to find the third side.

Well, Im a bit stumped, could anyone help me here? At least how to start it. (As far as i know, the Pythagorean theorem states that a2 = b2 + c2)


Picture of Need Geometry Help!!!!!! VERY Urgent!
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can somebody tell me how to make that "squared" number 2 appear?
it's not (A squared=B squared+C squared)
it's........(A squared+B squared=C squared)
see the difference?

btw it's "four centimeters or 8 half centimeters."
Keith-Kid (author)  super_genius9 years ago
I actually found it today. on Microsoft word Its insert>symbol then look for it
squared.JPGsquared 2.JPG
oh.. HAHA now i feel like an idiot. thanks though im going to have to make a mental note.
whatsisface9 years ago


Tell a lie, that doesn't work. The answer you need to use is 172 - 152 = b2

Keith-Kid (author)  whatsisface9 years ago
oh wow thank you, it makes sense now! never thought of that!!!! Appreciate the help
It's alright, I've had 2 weeks off so need some maths practice anyway.
Lucky... I get vacation this week, but I don't have math until next year!
Next year?? OK, that's weird - In the UK, students get maths, English and science at least twice every week until they are 16. Up the the age of 11, they get maths and English every day. Even at Uni, if there are core-subject components of a course, they tend to happen every week.
Don't think its an American thing -- most schools don't do "block scheduling", as its called. We have 4 classes a day, each being roughly 90 minutes long. So we end up getting more of the class than if it was all-year. Even then, some math/English classes are all year, but usually just the lower-level classes. Mine was 3/4.
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