Need Handyman To Build Escalator Handrail Test Device

Need Handyman To Build Escalator Handrail Test Device We’re looking to build to build a testing device for escalator handrails. Attached is a rendering and drawing of what we imagine or desire - a machine that has adjustable speeds to test elements of an escalator handrail. Please call +1-415-578-3196 or email to discuss. We have a need for this ASAP - San Francisco

Picture of Need Handyman To Build Escalator Handrail Test Device
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This is not craigslist. Take your help somewhere else. I'm not being rude, I'm just saying. :-)
He's not offering help, he's asking for help, on a site that could easily have members with the skills he needs. It's no different to people asking for advice about LEDs or amplifiers.

... thinks ...

Maybe we ought to have a "want" section? Add it under Community ....

... thinks some more ...

Nah, leave it in the forums. If members need advice, or are looking for a specific material service they cannot find elsewhere, a forum thread is the place to ask.
And a "want" or "need" section sounds cool!
Wait, ignore my below comment. I just realized I said "take your help somewhere else". I meant... "take your need of help somewhere else." :P
Lftndbt9 years ago
Hmmmm.... phone directory... give it a go...
robertanton (author) 9 years ago
Thanks - Posted on Craigslist - is there a special section this website for commission projects?
Hmm, I am pretty sure there isn't. Sorry. And to reply to the comments, click the orange REPLY button, then I can know you sent me a comment. Thanks!