Need Help Bypassing Surf Control "ACCESS DENIED" At School??

Hey guys it's me again, and I got a problem! Looking for some advice again! When I'm at school pretty much everything is blocked with this surf control and it says access denied. How and is there a way that I can bypass this?? NOTE: I HAVE ALREADY TRIED PROXY'S

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Joe Martin8 years ago
Your at school to learn, That's why surf control is put in place. I'm going to say what I see to everyone, Think of five valid reasons to why having youtube or whatever would increase your productivity at school. Just wait until you get home then go on the internet!
There are some classes/times at school where you have downtime that it would be perfectly fine to browse facebook or youtube during. In physics last year, our final project was to do some science demonstrations for the elementary school across the street. For some reason, WebSense was down that week, so we were free to use youtube for research. My US history teacher would often have a song playing that related to what we were doing that week (think: we didn't start the fire). She had to bypass the censorship when they finally blocked the website she used. There are some educational videos on youtube that teachers like to show. Some are just fun, like "Mathmaticious" and "I will derive." Teachers have to burn them to a DVD at home to show us. Video production classes--It'd be cool if they could upload all the stuff they make right from class to share.
In my college the have a system in place so during break and lunch times the filters will be lifted.

Thw way some filter systems are in place as if there were put in with duct tape, I good system would have ranges of assess on the filters set via the type of user account Eg: Admin, Staff, Support, Guest, Student, Media. And then the filter lists would differ depending on the account.

This can be implemented very easily into almost all systems however *most * system admins are the most lazy people I've ever known. They try everything possible not to get out from their chair and have to walk to a computer.
To true. I am a few years late, but anyway :)
At my school, after the IT department would regularly get teachers, and some students complaining about various needed sites being blocked,
And the fact that every single student knew how to bypass it (No, i had nothing to do with that, i didn't show them how to use proxy's, No, that wasn't me... OK, maybe it was...)

They took the easy way out. They removed the filter :)
However, as the computers are in the library, they also added something which allows the libriarians to monitor the computer usage ( just watch the monitor) and so they do spend a few minutes looking at peoples screens sometimes. Not all the time. But every few weeks, if you are doing something you shouldnt (ie:Browsing on Newegg) they will send a message to your screen.

So, very few people go to sites they shouldnt be at, and no sites that are needed are blocked.
Where do you live? I ask because I know in europe, "college" means something different than it does in the US. Public Universities (colleges), and i'm sure almost all private ones, too, don't have any filters. In fact, my brother once had a guy looking at porn next to him at a school library. They couldn't do anything about it because they're considered public computers.
England. College here is after high school which we call secondary school, then after college you can go to university. And eww, I've had some man getting up images of the covers of vogue and the stroking his hand of the the faces on the screen. It was very scary.
What's the difference between college and university? Is it kind of like grad school here? For instance, you go to college for your four year (bachelors) degree, and then university for a two year (masters) degree?
College is somthing you go to after for finish school and courses run from around 1-3 years all depending on the course and what level your doing it at. Uni I believe is a minimum of 4 years, But don't trust me of that! To get a decent chance of getting into a good uni you have to do well at your grades at college.
You see good sir, instructables it blocked at my school. And getting around these cites helps me learn computer sciency facts and about different methods of doing things. Also it promotes cognitive thinking and problem solving skills. Also, there are many many educational videos on youtube, and many educational cites are blocked. is blocked and i plan to use that for the rest of my life, so i need that.

I am going to take a chemistry final soon, and i memorized a song off of youtube called "The electromagnetic spectrum song" And it has helped me remember the function of different waves and the order they go in, i would have never had that oppurtunity had it not been for youtube.

Plus, it makes nerds look cool and people have to talk to us to learn out secrets.

I think that was more then 5?
Here are some ways to "bypass SurfControl"

1. Go on Google translate and type in and trnaslate french to english
Please note that not all websites can be used!

2.Access C Drive and kill surfcontol.exe or something like that. If you cannot access C Drive from My Computer, create a shortcut from desktop and type in "C:\" and go to Program Files.

If your a hacker* like me, you would be able to access youtube for both yourself and your friends.
*When I mean Hacker, I mean "Gaining Unauthorized Access!"

If all doesn't work, hack into a teachers account or Admin's account (which is a lot harder than teachers but you can access everything!)

This is for educational purposes only because it's a matter of time before SurfControl and your Admin will block you from accessing what you want!

P.S. there is also a glitch, but I will not mention it because SurfControl will patch it A.S.A.P. But here is a hint: You can disable SurfControl right away for your account forever, not even the admin can fix it! I keep it to myself and litterally sell it to my classmates by doing it on their computer that they are on, I do it privately when no one is around. I charge because the account can access anything but I still tell my Clients to not let the teacher see what your on because if they do, your screwed and SurfControl will patch it up!!
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