Need Ible Bot Pics!

Hello all. Once more I find myself needing a few pictures. For my collaboration masterpiece I need a pic of the Ibles Robot holding a book, something kinda encyclopedia-ish, and of him/her/it doing something related to each of the ibles categories. Here's a pic with the text I'm after, but my pic manipulation skills are poor, as is my software. Thanks!

Picture of Need Ible Bot Pics!
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Derin9 years ago
Modifiye instructopedia.jpg
I'll have a crack at it I'm sure I cna put a book in his hands, in the meantime here's something to tide you over
britpissed robot.jpg
KentsOkay (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago


Stick with big square glasses
Here you go, a little less disturbing...
robot pedia.jpgrobot pedia 2.jpg
your good, i'm better.
New Picture (7).bmp
I'm best
Modifiye instructopedia.jpg
Just you keep thinking that...
i'm not that good... that was my first one!
It's not bad, just a bit busy for my tastes... I was always undecided about that bit of wikipedia anyways...
thanks, i got a little confused on how to do it at one point though...
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