Need Ideas

This is the first place that popped into my mind when I decided I needed a new idea. I am in a Photography class at my high school and I need help getting some ideas thrown at me. And no, this wouldn't be cheating since I'm not taking your ideas directly. I just think better when there are different ideas flying around. Basically the assignment is to shoot a frame within a frame photograph. Meaning the subject in the picture is framed by something. It doesn't have to be a literal frame, like something out of wood or steel. For example, the subject's face can be framed by their arms and hands. A couple things to keep in mind is no animals, no artwork (as in preexisting), and of course nothing that would be distasteful in a school setting.

echelon3 (author) 9 years ago
well im also using black and white film cuz my schools cheap.
Goodhart9 years ago
Have you ever seen the HP commercial where a fellow lifts a "frame", hesitates, and then moves it, and what was in the picture, becomes a still pic inside that is done multiple times.....would that be something you could use, because the method is revealed at this link where they duplicate the framing technique in the commercial.
Kiteman9 years ago
Shoot the inside of something, through an inspection panel or grating. Workshops through doorways. Somebody in a police-style mugshot (holding up numbers against a height chart), but wearing a T-shirt that says "I didn't do it" (framed!)
schorhr9 years ago