Need Tips on Finding an Internship

So, as much as I've enjoyed being a full time student for the last year, the time comes when a man discovers he needs money, that time is when his wife says "Get a Job"! So I'm starting to look for an Mech Eng internship and the internship office at UCF is proving less fruitful than I had anticipated. Of 18 engineering internships listed (and that list has only grown by two in the last 45 days), only 5 are "local" and of that 5, I meet the qualifications of 3. Those 3 being USA/NASA 68 miles away Lockheed 43 miles away and Disney 47 miles away Not that I'm asking for the world to meet my convenience, but the idea of working an internship 12-20 hours a week while commuting 9-12 hours a week, plus carrying a full time class load, thrills me not. So the question becomes, quite simply. How Do I Find An Internship? Post my resume to Monster? Spam my resume to every engineering firm in a 30 mile radius? Help, any reasonable suggestions would be much appreciated. I added that pic because I need your bright ideas.

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collegenews8 years ago
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Kiteman9 years ago
How did you go? If you've told us, I've forgotten.

If you're still looking, you could try spamming, but be wise - don't ask for an internship, simply announce the good news that you are available for an internship if the right company comes along.

Kitewife got fed up of her last teaching post (rotten management) and resigned to be a supply teacher ("substitute" you call them). Normally, supplies add their name to a list at an agency and then wait to be called. Instead, I emailed all the local schools with the good news that a new supply teacher with skills in delivering IT & Business to all age groups was now available.

She had a full-time one-term post within three days, which was quickly extended to a full year's contract, and her new HoD has asked her to apply for second in department for the next year.

In your case, I would consider a snail-mail spam, liberally illustrated with images of your projects from this site, glowing quotes from comments (or even a personal message from Eric or some other high-profile ibler), and data about views, ratings, featured projects and contests won (you can honestly refer to yourself as an award-winning engineer!).
Tool Using Animal (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
It's gone badly, I've had two interviews since posting this, one the guy said my job duties would include mowing his yard, I walked away. The second was with a multibillion dollar company but they passed me over. Oh well, I'm registered in the Lockheed program through school, so maybe I'll get contacted soon, and I just saw a listing for a defense simulation internship that I'm going to apply for.
Well, you know we're all rooting for you.

I wonder, would it be appropriate to lurk outside the interview window with pompoms...?
You can try the US Army.
They have some engineering jobs.
Also, you can do ROTC, Reserve Green to gold program where you go to basic (in the summer) and your a part of the Army Reserves while your in college. (the Army pays 100%) so you do the whole 1 weekend a month, 2 weeks a year thing. And after you graduate you serve 4 years as a commissioned officer.
Your education is payed for and you make a little change.
The Army has that small disadvantage (compared to most internships) that you could be called up to go to Iraq or Afganistan and you could get your head blown off.
Even if you get sent to the sandbox, the chances of loosing your head is small. Youll be more likely to come back overweight than to come back in a body bag.
I'm too old ;-) I did the army 20years ago, I can't take orders worth a damn.
I wish you were in Miami, I am at the 95% mark on a big project (a new type of folding boat) and I need a smart assistant to help me get it done. My last assistant moved to CA 2 months ago and the project is stalled.
That is what my school counselor said, I guess finding humor in everything is as good as I thought! :D
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