Need a SITE Search button!

I see there are two Google Search boxes, but typing something into these apparently takes me to Google search, with links to a lot of external sites.  I'd like to see a site search button.  Many times I will vaguely recall something I've seen on this site, and that search is of no use.  Plus, it's not really a good idea to send people immediately away from your site!

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The upper right hand google custom search is only within this site - no external sites are listed. To make it easier, type what you want in there, and then click the orange text to the right that says "graphical search". This is how the search originally was - and I like it much better, as you can choose to search within instructables, forums, answers, etc. :)
You can set up the graphical search as a shortcut...
l3owzaaaah6 years ago
Actually it does, he's right as I have picked up on this previously. See attached picture
implaxis (author) 6 years ago
I stand corrected! I was looking at the first few links which apparently are advertising links, with which I have no problem if it keeps the site going.
Yes. I'bles is paying to use Google's search engine within the site. Unfortunately, that also means they (and we) have to put up with Google shoving their own advertising into the search results. It also means that we can't do any sorting or filtering of the results; we have to take whatever Google gives us, in the order they give it to us.
LoneWolf6 years ago
Below the "Answers, Contests, Forums, Submit" bar along the top right of the page is a Google Custom search box... which does NOT lead you to anywhere out of the site.