Need help changing image file types from .psd to .gif (!!!HELP~NOW~PLEASE!!!)

I'm sitting here at school trying to make a .gif image (for a website project) out of many still shots that i have made w/ Adobe PS (7, i think) and i have 80 or so stills and i don't want to go into them one at a time changing them to .gif 's. So if n e one knows about some command through Adobe PS or some program please let me know now!!! Thankx

StamfordRebel (author) 10 years ago
Lol, thanks everyone. 'Weissensteinburg' & 'PVC marxman', i do know how to save a file to a different type. But you see i had like 100 pics that i wanted to convert (not going through them 1 by 1). Thanks for the link 'westfw' i am currently looking at it right now, but i did find some other program out on the web that allowed me to get the job done. (Even tho i can only use it for another ohh sayy, 6 days i think? ~ i hate trial programs). Thankx everyone, ttyl
Yeah, all you do is go to File>Save File As and just change it to gif...
westfw10 years ago
Get "irfanview"
It's great stuff! In addition to being a really zippy image viewer/etc, it explicitly supports the sort of batch command-line based file conversion that it sounds like you want.
PVC marxman10 years ago
save it as .gif thats how it works in GIMP and i think the same rule applys in PS as well