Need help from people who KNOW wire

OK, so here it is. I make my own from scratch soap.....yes the kind made with lye (you canNOT have soap without a strong alkaline like LYE....period, but that's for another time)

My DH is VERY handy, and can build a lot of things. I want him to build me a soap cutter that uses strong wire to do the cutting. There are soap cutters for sale on line, but with his talent I refuse to pay WELL over $100 to buy one, when for quite a bit less he can make me one.

My thought is that maybe piano wire would work, guitar strings (or are they covered with something?) or whatever type of wire used in some cheese slicers. I prefer it not be too hard to locate, and not too expensive. I would like to be able to cut a whole "loaf" of soap into bars all at one time, so they are all the exact same size.

Any ideas?

Here is a BIG cutter, but it might give you an idea

Thanks Mary

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jasonf23 years ago

Did you have any luck? I had considered the same thing as you, for my gal to cut her soaps. My fear was that making the jig to cut the whole "loaf" at one time would require too much pressure and cause something to break. I had also considered a "hot wire cutter" as dan had mentioned. Was you able to find something that was quick and easy?

Toga_Dan5 years ago
Voltage is probably as important as wire. I've cut styrofoam with coathanger connected to a welder. For your purpose, a car battery charger might do. If the wire is too thick, you might burn up the battery charger.
MaryT8M (author)  Toga_Dan5 years ago
Sorry've got it all wrong for THIS cutting project! I just want to "string" wire between pieces of wood (probably) to cut some freshly made (about the consistancy of semi soft cheese) soap. I'd like to cut the whole "loaf" of soap all at once giving me uniform bars of soap.

I wanted to know what type of wire would be flexible enough to cut, yet not break too easily.

Thanks anyway ;-)
Ah! Ok, so you aren't talking about a hot wire.
MaryT8M (author)  Toga_Dan5 years ago
Thanks anyway Dan......have you done an Ible on cutting with a hot wire? I have NOT done a search, but it sounds interesting! I'd like to learn more about electrical things
I haven't done an -ible on that. I suspect that there are a few, tho.
MaryT8M (author)  Toga_Dan5 years ago
Don't let that hold you back (someone else told me that very thing once when I said I already saw another Ible on something I wanted to do) Everyone explains things a little differently, and something you say may just resonate with a person who had trouble understanding the same thing before!

I say go for it!
Next time I make one, I'll take pics.
MaryT8M (author)  Toga_Dan5 years ago
MaryT8M (author)  MaryT8M5 years ago
By the way Dan.....(if you don't mind me asking) Where in Colorado are you? We lived in Colorado Springs for a long time, then also lived in Boulder County outside of Longmont....we worked in Boulder at the time
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