Need help making a fake hypodermic syringe

Hello. I'm set to film a scene where a needle is used to inject someone. I've found a lot of places that sell and rent fake hypodermic needles, but way over my budget. Is there anyone here who would/could be interested in making one for these? I attached a video of one being demonstrated. I'm just having a mental block on how to create one myself.

There's definitely a spring mechanism, and the tip is dulled. Other than that, I'm lost.

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ekwhoa3 years ago

Did anybody ever find a proper way to accomplish this?

Tomdf4 years ago
So I did some extensive googling and couldn't find a design for these at all. I'm shocked honestly, these fake syringes have been a standard prop for decades. It must be a trade secret. I'd really like to see some ideas for this as well.

How much do the ones you found cost? Are you handy with a dremel and epoxy?
Tomdf Tomdf4 years ago
Ok, so I couldn't stop thinking about these; I've always wondered how it was done. Anywho, this is how I would do it. The concept relies solely on finding two syringes, one small enough to fit just inside of the other. The metal tube can be found in the hardware store, and the spring inside a cigarette lighter.

I'll stop by the apothecary tomorrow and see if they'll let me peruse their hypodermic selection. I think this would work.
syringe prop.jpg
fl3xtra Tomdf4 years ago
That looks awesome. i'm gonna have to try this, very soon. lemme know if you have any luck. i wouldn't mind dropping a some money to have this built.
Tomdf fl3xtra4 years ago
For sure, this is now officially on my build list. I can't believe the pre-fab ones are that expensive, that's insane! If we get these working let's go into business lol.

I did go down to the pharmacy to get syringes, but they weren't too keen on just letting me browse what they had. I'm planning on ordering some 5ml and 3ml off the internets. When I finally do get them and have a functional version I will likely just post it as an instructable.

If you finish something before me I'd be very interested in checking it out.
fl3xtra Tomdf4 years ago
try your local veterinary office first. they might be a little more open to the idea of handing out syringes. i'm gonna call mine tomorrow.
fl3xtra fl3xtra4 years ago
where were you planning on getting the metal tube?
Tomdf fl3xtra4 years ago
My first stop will be a hardware or craft store to find one of those K&S precision metal displays, I'm fairly certain it will have something small enough.
If that doesn't work I'll end up turning to McMaster Carr for these 1/8" outer diameter aluminum tubes.

I'm not sure what kind of finish this metal tube should have to hide it, but right now I'm thinking that a mirror finished would be best. My theory is that it would be camouflaged by the reflection of the liquid.
Tomdf Tomdf4 years ago
fl3xtra Tomdf4 years ago
Hey Tom, just seeing how your progress was coming along?
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