Need help with a removable horizontal mag.

Hey guys, I have a gun that needs a mag. I have lots of trouble with mags. I was thinking it would be something like Sel's, but you wouldn't have to manually load it. It would be great help if somebody could help me with this.

innovanna2 years ago
look at kinetics and my kinno. or for a more complicated one look at our kinno 2 which is posted on kinetics channel. i think you will like them. or his kls v2
i have a gun with a removable horizontal mag but i cant upkoad pics so ill try to make it in MLCAD
didexo (author)  TheAwesomestDude2 years ago
That's fine.
sorry i lost my MLCAD files and for some reason i cant download them again sorry-i will keep trying but i got no promises now
didexo (author)  TheAwesomestDude2 years ago
It's OK thanks for the effort though.
my computer crashed a few months ago and i forgot where i got them from and all the sites i tryed to get it from didnt work
didexo (author)  TheAwesomestDude2 years ago
Thanks, that would be a lot of help, if I ended up using something similar to your I would credit you of course.
ill try to get it done by tomarrow but i dont know for sure when ill be able to get it done
Maybe you can try bakenbitz's mechanism:
Instructions for it are somewhere in the recent k'nex section.
His lever action is cooler than manually loading it, but if you want an auto-feeding horizontal mechanism, I can't help you, sorry.
Good luck with the gun though
didexo (author)  dr. richtofen2 years ago
Oh yes I've seen his, I wasn't really looking for a lever action though. But, thanks for your help :)
No problem.