Need help with engine trouble.

ok, i thought about buying this car, but want an idea on whats wrong with it, they sent me an email saying they checked the catalytic converter when i asked, its a rotary engine but on the post it said "Runs but slowly gets up to speed" and want an idea on that.

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LinuxH4x0r9 years ago looks good.

That datsun needs some work, it would be a sweet ride though after a re-spray and that rust fixed.
The bumpers look like surface rust but the door panel would need swapped or at least ground down... Give me half and hour and pot scrubber, the chrome would be perfect...
Correct me if i'm wrong but I believe that model came out with a chrome plated grill on it. Hence that grill looks like its rusted through and bubbled the chrome plating off.. So that was all I was meaning. On my latest V8 project, I must have cut out/removed at least 30kg of rusted areas before re-welding/bogging it back together.
On closer inspection I see the grill was chrome, bye bye grill, also I take back about the door panels, one panel, one, err most of if not all of a door and the bonnet may grind down... I keep meaning to have a go at rust reversal, you now electrolytic rust removal... I it might be interesting, plus it'd be great for little bits that are hard to brush...
Have you seen those units they sell, they hook into your car electronics/neg ground. Some how they prevent rust (or so they say). Not sure how they work exactly.
Sounds like hocus pocus to me, considering there's no electrolyte that way...

Just had to post this first... I love the description, so dodgy... LoL... I will try and find a better source.
I will try and find details on the item. Your responce to it is exactly what I was thinking, the first time I have heard of it... Perhaps the product was not for a car in use, possibly for a car on blocks. Would that make more sense? Damn, I must go find details now.
. Try searching for "cathodic protection". May not be the same thing, but should give you some leads/ideas.
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