Need help with my Career

Hey guys,
I was stuck between this two career paths since childhood and i still haven't decided what to do, so i need your help. I always wanted to become a doctor or a surgeon but recently i have a thing for becoming a pilot. I have no idea which one to choose, but the only thing i know is that i have to pick one.
Becoming a pilot is a great opportunity because you are able to fly a commercial plane plus visiting other countries everyday.

Here are the pros and cons about each career:

- There is always a position available for this in hospitals.
- you get respect
- you get an opportunity to save peoples lifes
- costs less to become
- good income

- Very lengthy process
- boring job
- very long training period

- Visit other countries
- fly a commercial airline
- very short training periods
- takes a short time to become one

- very stressful work
- very costly to train
- high expectations
- salary low compared to a doctor

so i love them both but i am really confused...please help

Money is not an issue here....the thing is that i can't let them go... 

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I think the clue is really obvious.  You referred to being a doctor as being a "boring" job. Do something that excites you, and the money will follow.
my answer is a bit biased cause i just watched "air force one" and a documentary on the hudson river plane crash lol
Cool movie ! i watched a thing about the hydson river plane crash a few weeks ago . Damn birds
haha they should make sheids for the engines or something
yEah ! i suppose though it would restrict airflow therefore not putting out enough thrust And not taking off !
wich is why they probably didn't do that in the first place
I suppose something out of mesh In a oval shape could work but on the rear end it would probably melt
well birds don't come from the back,they can't on account of the trillion tons of thrust,so it would be needed in the front
Thats true But i suppose if it was that simple they'dve made something like that Already
Goodhart7 years ago
- ....
- boring job

From your two lists, I see one that has a BIG negative in it that the other does not:  

If you feel that being a doctor,  that helping others become well, that constant diagnosis, and investigation and "detective work" would be boring.....I'd find something else besides a Doctor to be ...honestly.
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