Need help with switches.

II have two switches. One momentary and one latching. Both have leds and want to wire them so that the LEDs turn on or off when the latching switch is activated. Please see pictures as they are not regular 2 or 3 poled switches. Thanks.

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Then wire the power from 1 lead of the latching switch and out the other. Wire the LED's cathode to ground and wire the Anodes to one of the leads of the latching switch and your done.

If you don't know what lead does what then get a 3V power source and start touching the leads till the LEDs lights. Are the LEDs in the switches dual color? If not hten the 2 larger outer posts are probably the LED leads and the 3 smaller posts are for the switches making them On/Off/On switches.
bastafari (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
Thanks. Turns out the latching switch was broken. Your comment helped me double check my work. Thank you.