Need muscle suit.

So here's the thing. I'm building a green goblin costume(humberto ramos kind) and I need to make my self look a little bigger.  I don't need to see any muscles just bigger. I've considered  using bubble wrap but I'm afraid I might die from Hyperthermia, plus if I sit down it would sound ridiculous. So the next obvious choice would be to use upholstery foam, but I've never worked with it before. I've thought about using plain old newspaper and and strap it down with duct tape, but I think that might be noisy when I walk. Check the pictures to see what I mean. One picture is from a comic book and the other one is a costume made by jacemoore on deviant art. 

Picture of Need muscle suit.
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Frenche7 (author) 5 years ago
Thanks a lot everyone! After reading all you're comments I've decided to go with Honus's and caitlinsdad ideas. I will create a duct tape dummy of my self, then I will clothe it in some pajamas. The I'm going to cut bands of camping/yoga mat things and wrap them around the dummy as to create rings(making me look bigger). After THAT I'll cover the whole thing in a fabric that breaths well. I'm hoping that when I walk the air outside will pass through the fabric and into the space created by the rings cooling me off. Again thanks for the ideas. I will be taking progress pictures and posting them as an Instructable, maybe I'll even enter it into the Halloween contest if it turns out well.
Honus5 years ago
Get some long underwear in two sizes- the size that fits you and a much larger size. Sew the smaller size inside the larger size (trim the larger size to fit the correct length for sleeves and legs) and then fill the gap between the two with fiberfill. Of course I've never done this before but it may just work!
oldmicah5 years ago
Also, if you have a Halloween store nearby, take a look at any hulk, Thor, or cap America costume w. muscles. (anything w. muscles: I'm just betting that avenger costumes will be big this year) Should give you some good guidance for a sewing pattern.
caitlinsdad5 years ago
1. I think you are worried about heat exhaustion, not hypothermia which is due to loss of body heat

2. I think you only need to bulk up on the shoulders and arms. Take a look at how NFL Football players have their protective gear/shoulder arm pads made. Getting upholstery foam might get expensive, maybe you can find a pool foam mat/camping mat to cut up or a bunch of chair cushions/pillows to use. Soften everything up with polyester fiberfill batting on top of the layers. Good luck.
C-dad, he said hyperthermia: Hyperthermia is an elevated body temperature due to failed thermoregulation.
Ah, I stand corrected. Heat exhaustion/stroke was the more common term used in the military so it would not be confuddled with hypothermia. Both are bad.
Indeed, and surely, my being unfamiliar with hyperthermia, I would not have caught it without you pointing it out :-)