Need room security! please!

I need help. my younger siblings (5 of them) keep coming into my room. today my little brother scratched my computer screen, touch out the disc drive, and messed up the movement pad. i need a security alarm that will let me, my parents, my older brother, or the babysitter know of the intrusion. my bedroom is strait off a hall with no door or door jam for that matter. it pretty much is a hall that opens into a room. sorta. i was thinking of a triplaser with sound or somthing. please help. i can not let this happen again

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One thing maybe have your dad build a door frame? so you can get a padlock on the outside?
Buy a Goose. They are load, territorial, and make great watch dogs.
lambtech8 years ago
Maybe set a carpet across the entrance that has a on\off push switch underneath which is connected to a infrared emitter (radio shack), that is turned on and sends a signal to a infrared detector (radio shack) which goes through another switch, which only you can reach or figure out how to turn off or something like that, to a piezo alarm. Or just directly connect the on\off switch to the piezo, but i'm pretty sure your siblings would figure out that all they would have to do is step on the mat again to turn it off :)
sev17 (author) 8 years ago
THANKS I THINK I MIGHT TRY (oops srry bout the caps i accidently hit the button) some of those
I gotta ask...why not just erase the caps...? :D
sev17 (author)  Lithium Rain8 years ago
cause it would uneconomical :)
:'D I like that answer.
Kiteman8 years ago
Just hang a beaded curtain and attach small bells etc.
XOIIO8 years ago
one other idea, check at a local electronics store, if they have this sound grenade thing, get it, you can easily mod it, mount it on a wall, and run fishing line across the door, it has a pull pin, and is really cheap.
Doctor What8 years ago
Like XOIIO mentioned, buzzers are fun. I would use one of those annoying mcdonald toys that when pressed or shaken makes a sound. Attach it to the door with some wire, aluminum foil, and sticky tape.
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