Negative posting times again in Q+A, and shifting post times

When sorted by recent, the top couple of posts in the Questions section have started showing negative post times again (and not chancing to hours after 60 minutes).

As of 6PM UK time, the top two questions are showing information like this:

"Asked in Technology by miamimac  -293 minutes ago    Answers: 1"

This problem has appeared a couple of times before, all while running chrome on win7, and the issue persists after refreshing the page.

EDIT: after looking for a bit longer, new questions are getting added to the list after the ones with a negative posting time.

ADDITIONAL: recently, post times have been jumping around, causing posts to be re-ordered and Questions posted recently (with correct posting times) to be moved up, often ending up with negative posting times. Are all users seeing the same posting times, or are the faults dependent on area?

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canucksgirl5 years ago
Times appear to be messed up again when viewing the Community Forum through recent.

Refer to screenshot. Some comments that are minutes old are falling below comments that are days AND months old...

LINK to view larger size image

ShadyLogic5 years ago
We had a problem with a faulty config file in our database throwing off the times, but it's been located and terminated. Everything should be normal now, so move along, nothing to see here!
Just wanted to say Thank you to all those who were involved in fixing this bug. It's been really nice to see accurate timestamps (and no more negative times).

I got news for you, its still broken as of 20:25 UTC+1
The Skinnerz (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
I'm still getting posts jumping around, sometimes with negative times as well.
Are these new posts? If so could you please link me to one?
Oh, well how about this one I just made. Thanks, I'll pass this on to bugs.
I have to agree! You're timestamp is 8:22pm (but its only 1:31pm), so on the main page, you show up as a "negative" time.

It might be important to know that this isn't a recent development. If you scroll down this page, I've been reporting examples on this for about a month now...
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