Nerd Pride Movie Night: Real Genius, 4/20 at Instructables HQ

We're hosting Nerd Pride Movie Night here at Instructables HQ at 8pm Friday the 20th of April.
First movie: Real Genius starring a young Val Kilmer. A fabulous nerd comedy classic from 1985- see it and recognize the source or all those great quotes.
Plot summary: A group of exceptionally bright students are unwittingly involved in the development of a military weapon.
We'll provide the popcorn.

Instructables, 2175 Monarch St, Alameda, CA
Note that the mapping programs don't get our location exactly right. We're in the control tower at the old Alameda naval air base.
Directions here

What is Nerd Pride Movie Night?

Picture of Nerd Pride Movie Night: Real Genius, 4/20 at Instructables HQ
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Zujus10 years ago
Nerd Pride Movie Night! it is so cool! ;D Just one problem i live about 2000 miles away...
canida (author)  Zujus10 years ago
Just like Show & Tell- hold your own movie night and invite your friends.
Zujus canida10 years ago
Nice idea ;) just my friends hate nerd movies ;D
rocketbat Zujus10 years ago
i feel your pain ;-)
Zujus rocketbat10 years ago
Feel that: My favorite movie is "Back to the Future" and nobody watch it with me ;D I watched all 3 parts alone :D
rocketbat Zujus10 years ago
i.. must.. not.. CRY!
westfw10 years ago
So given the flak over Yuri's night, and the somewhat surprising results of the "how old are you" forum posting, do you want to make any comments about the suitability of "Nerd pride night" for children, young teens, mid-teens, etc, with or without "adult" accompaniment ?
canida (author)  westfw10 years ago
Real Genius is rated PG. if you're not old enough to see (or sit through) a 108-minute PG movie perhaps you should reconsider attending, or be prepared to take your own intermissions. It's also hard to get here without driving, so if you're too young to drive have your parents bring you. Does that cover the bases? We're trying to hold all-ages family/kid-friendly events here: the last Show & Tell had a nice herd of kids of varying ages, and we're happy to see the same at Nerd Pride Movie Night.
Tetranitrate10 years ago
Seeing the date and the fact that its hosted in CA, I'm guessing you should probably buy extra popcorn, and maybe put out a few bottles of eyedrops too.
canida (author)  Tetranitrate10 years ago
After a bit of processing I finally figured it out. ;) We'll have LOTS of popcorn.
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