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langleyLGLF5 years ago
Registration is now open. The waiting period is automatic and shorter than a month (length varies based on volume of incoming members)
wow i tried to join but my account can not be validated! is this normal to take a few months or should i just give up?
Give up. He stopped letting any new people in.
nah its all good ive been a member for a while now took about 2 months but i got in b4 he shut it down
Yeah, I quit NH, (and nerfing in general). You are playing with plastic guns, and they take it way to serious. (2-6 months is normal.)
they recalled the recon because the plunger can pull off skin. I had a feeling i shouldnt got it.
blazzer9 years ago
actually die by fome?
Top Dog10 years ago
Why did you say join or actually die. I don't wanna die, I'm to young, I've got places to go, things to see. Wait I do post there occasionally, does this mean I wont die, yesss!!!
nerfer192 Top Dog10 years ago
i dont! id better get an account quick! what if one man clan doenst validate my account! wWWWWWAAAAAAHHHH!
Top Dog nerfer19210 years ago
I don't get that, why wouldn't he?
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