Nerf ak-47

i was looking around on the internet and found this it was coll but i wanted one that shot and so i used the mag from it.
then i used the barrel idea from here then used cardboard for the stock and i made this
it does shoot
if you want step by step directions feel free to ask.

Picture of Nerf ak-47
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hunter9993 years ago

Wow, that looks neat!

ccollyer-14 years ago
Hey, can we have have a step by step instructionable of this please? This is just what I've been looking for :D
rockadio1016 years ago
sick mod man and good thinking on pulling the nose out of the barril:)
but i think you pulled it out to far i like oulled it out eathe a inch or one and a half
Legitownage8 years ago
This is one of the sickest mods ever
think this is sick check out mine
ninjusk (author)  Legitownage8 years ago
pretty good but  check  out my nerf ak47 on instructables
ninjusk (author) 8 years ago
the thing is i am on vacation so i cant right now second when i get back i will probley (sorry about my bad spelling) just post it on instructables( aka here)
Vynash8 years ago
Awesome but you should glue the stuff together not duct tape it. Again sweet mod
ninjusk (author)  Vynash8 years ago
I used duct tape so I can make it back to normal
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