Netbook laptops

I have been thinking of getting a netbook laptop, (clearence price €290) but my cousin told me on facebook the cant read dvds or cds, have low ram speed and memory space and such, but he laptop is a full sised one thats worth a similar price, and she had no problems with he one, any advice?

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NXTHacker5 years ago
just get an nexus 7 or motorola xoom 2 or samsung tab 2 7.0 they all cost around 200 euros and u can always play minecraft pe
Cyclone1764 (author)  NXTHacker5 years ago
thanks for thehelp, i think i will just stick to the desktop for the minute
Yes the ram is very small and If you like playing games such as the ones on facebook. Or just games in general They are very slow and you will be very disappointed. You would be better off spending the money for a kindle fire.
Cyclone1764 (author)  coolbeansbaby685 years ago
thanks, is a kindle fire like a laptop?
They are actually called a tablet. You can surf the net ,get apps,email and so on.All information is saved in a ( cloud so to speak ) instead of being stored on the computer which makes the tablet faster while surfing...
Cyclone1764 (author)  coolbeansbaby685 years ago
i knew about tablets, but you cant do all the same things as a computer, my friend has an ipad and i doubt its like a laptop, thats for the help though :)
for 200 euros its better to go for a tablet rather than a notebook
Yes Netbooks tend to top our at 2Gb of RAM. Pretty much as low as you can go for any Windows OS making them run slow. They also don't come with an optical drive but you can always get a USB DVD drive. If you need something small like a netbook then there will be tradeoffs. But if all you need to do is check email or write a paper then its perfect for that. Anything more and your pushing it.
Cyclone1764 (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
all i use on the computer is minecraft, facebook, instructables and slender (its a video game). I dont download much stuff and have pretty good broadband and all, so would it still make much of a difference? Would a netbook compared to a full sized laptop that cost the same price have a noticible difference when it comes to speed, I dont tend to use dvds or cds much on the computer, usually just buy em' off Itunes.
Netbook won't support Minecraft. I've tried it on my Toshiba which has only 1Gb of RAM and i've tried it on my newer Elite Book which has 4Gb of RAM. The main problem is the GPU isn't up to the task.

If you want to play games then make sure you get a laptop with a graphic card and not one with the GPU built into the CPU.
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