Networking using laser

Hi, I wanna connect two PCs using laser ,can u suggest me anyting?

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I just got a weird idea... get those IR networking things and replace the IR diodes with lasers!!! DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU LOSE ANYTHING AND I MEAN ANYTHING INVOLVING THIS POST!!! and I'm not an electrician...
Decamerom10 years ago
Good afternoon! I am of Brazil. We use too much similar system for contact with the computers between the laboratory of the farm and the city, approximately 50Km. We develop particular a óptico system, such revealed extremely functional. Thanks. Carlos Marmo
sysadmn11 years ago
Simple :-)They're commercially available (, so it's possible. If you're not looking for ultra-high speeds or long distances, it should be pretty simple. At low speeds, you could probably turn off and on the beam rather than modulate it's intensity. That would make the electronics at each end easier. Off the top of my head,
Computer->serial port-->microcontroller-->laser diode/laser pointer--->photodiode-->microcontroller--serial port.
VIRON sysadmn11 years ago
But what if you are looking for really high speeds? :)
sysadmn VIRON11 years ago
You use sharks! Sharks with Friggin' lasers on their heads :-)

38400 baud should be straightforward with RS-232. The commercial stuff goes to 100Mb/s (or even 145 Mb/s if you run ATM ... Does anyone still run ATM?).

This ( ) claims laser pointers can be modulated at hundreds of MHz, and phototransistors (receivers) go to that range. Might be the difficulty is getting data into the microcontroller fast enough.
sush_d (author)  sysadmn11 years ago
hello every1 ....& thanks for taking interest & giving valuable suggestions.
chr11 years ago
You should check out Ronja (Reasonable Optical Near Joint Access).
They use LEDs and lenses to transmit long distances. Ronja communicates with ethernet cards via the obsolete AUI port.
sysadmn chr11 years ago
Clever! You could also map the hardware to a serial port and run PPP over the link.
tomc3uk11 years ago
Ahhh... EoL. ethernet over laser. Perhaps with a light dependent resistor?