Never throw snowballs at a hummer...

Around 200 people in Washington DC got a shock after a maroon hummer got caught in the cross-fire of a friendly snowball fight.

The driver got out and pulled a gun.

The driver was a cop...

The cop, who was off-duty at the time of the incident, was later filmed admitting the over-zealous action, saying: "I did it because I got hit with snowballs."

Assistant Chief Pete Newsham said: "We have to see what the entire circumstance was. But just a snowball fight, not in my mind, that doesn't seem a situation where we would pull out a service weapon."

The officer has been placed on desk duty pending the results of an investigation, which could be finished in as quickly as "weeks".

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Isn't it as simple as complaining instead of pulling out a gun...
lemonie8 years ago
I'm seeing elements of organised-provocation in this. It could be co-incidental, but there's more than one camera and co-ordinated chanting.

Kiteman (author)  lemonie8 years ago
The snowball fight was organised over the internet (flashball?) - of course they all had cameras.  When people are together with one purpose, it doesn't take much to start a chant.
lemonie Kiteman8 years ago
TV cameras. As I said, could be co-incidental.

Kiteman (author)  lemonie8 years ago
I can't imagine they laid the whole thing as a trap for one off-duty cop.

It's America - they have camera crews of call more efficiently than other countries have medical services on call.

That's because news pays, medicine costs...

headline news, cnn, fox, msnbc, cnn international  x 24

brighthouse13 x 24
wkmg, wesh, wofl, wftv x 5
(and this is a woeful undercount, ignoring smaller channels and news magazine shows)

So each day they need to fill 120 hours of national news and 44 hours of local news, you can't run over a squirrel without a news crew showing up to interview the victims family.

It's reached the point where CNN is reading twitter posts and the local news read facebook comments. If we viewed this as a predator/prey relationship I'd predict a crash in the number of news stations soon.
The CNN / twitter comment re-shapes what I thought, but it's essentially the same. Add in "oh look TV is here" and you've got a "performance".

Doctor What8 years ago
Could be resolved in weeks?

That's the system for you.

Taking weeks to see if it is fair to take a gun to a snowball fight.
Kiteman (author)  Doctor What8 years ago
By the time they've talked to all (200) witnesses, watched all the videos, produces transcripts, filed, copied, cc'ed and published, these things usually take months or years.

"Weeks" is fast.
DJ Radio8 years ago
Anger management dewdz.
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