New AR-4 Commando v2-NOW POSTED

ITS POSTED!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my latest knex gun, the AR-4 Commando v2. Now that i have gained more parts, i could fix the problems present in the v1.


(a * means an improvement over the v1)
-Jam-free mag-also removable in order to mod (its expandable)*
-better handle*
-more strength*
-has a front grip*
-stock is more filled in*
-true trigger
-comes with shoulder strap (optional)*
-uses a dual-rail system
-slightly more accurate than the v1*
-35-40 foot range
-has a sight*


-uses more parts than the v1
-3/4 of the barrel is fake (yes, i tried to make it more accurate, but the ammo kept getting stuck)
-takes longer to reload than v1 (mostly because it holds more)
-pretty awkward when you use the front grip

so, i will post this saturday (if i am not busy), and i hope you enjoy!

Picture of New AR-4 Commando v2-NOW POSTED
commando 002.JPG
showroom 002.JPG
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Skreetsha9 years ago
its better but i still like your longbow better :)
DJ Radio (author)  Skreetsha9 years ago
what sets my longbow as my best gun?
It looks so... So smooth so uhm... so powerful! And i like the nice finishing touches :)
DJ Radio (author)  Skreetsha9 years ago
did you even build my longbow?
Yes :P
DJ Radio (author)  Skreetsha9 years ago
compared to my commando, is it better
No, i like that one better now :P I think it looks great and it performs well :) New fav: AR v2
DJ Radio (author) 9 years ago
DJ Radio (author)  DJ Radio9 years ago
bring up my post
are you posting tomorrow its a definate build
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