New Air Car Ready For The Sky

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Kiteman8 years ago
Oh! Re-check the link - they've added video of it flying! Granted, it's only a few feet off the ground, but the bally thing works!
Indeed, it tempts me greatly to adapt my moped into something...
Hmm, that would be more treacherous for sure (having only 2 wheels, front to back to land on).
I had a dirigible of some form in mind, however I am unsure about how big on an envelope I would need...
Rather large. Picture in your mind the relative sizes of a Zeppelin and its gondola.
>attempts >fails >shuffles off to wikipedia for answers
FaqMan8 years ago
Well not a true flying car more of a gliding one but by definition it is flying. Well this is one step into the right direction for the future.
Kiteman FaqMan8 years ago
It's powered, taking off and moving under its own steam - it can glide in to land, but this is definitely genuine flight.
FaqMan Kiteman8 years ago
It is powered basicly by a huge fan powering air waves for the car to take of and use a parachute type material to support it into several feet which is actually a gliding type of motion. I 'm not saying it isn't flight it is in a differenet sort of way.
Kiteman FaqMan8 years ago
No, the propeller pushes the vehicle throught he air exactly the same way as any fixed-wing vehicle. The only differences are the orientation (most aircraft don't hang beneath the wings) and the steering mechanism (the vertical axis is controled by speed alone, making it unstallable).
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