New Antibiotics.

Antibiotic resistance is becoming a real problem, and I figured that the crafty and scientific community could help. I started this petition on the white house website. Note: This is at no benefit to me, I am just trying to bring awareness to this issue. 

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Qcks3 years ago

Uhh... giving money to pharmaceutical companies for research into new antibiotics is a bad way to develop new antibiotics. At best, it's going to lead to allot of new antibiotics which aren't proven as being safe entering the market place.
A better strategy would be to ask for more money to be put into scientific research in general, but, if you're really looking for something approaching a magic bullet for bacterial management, I'd suggest reading up on, and looking into, phage therapy.

The big problem with phage therapy is that pharmaceuticals won't touch phage therapy because it would basically require a new line of bacteriaphage to be developed everytime they treat a bacterial infection.

On a slightly different note, this is part of the reason stem cells are not more widely used. Each patient being treated with stem cells would require the establishment of their own specific stem cell line.

is it a real problem? Antibiotics have only been around for like 95 years.

Recently they found bacteria resistant to every known antibiotic in the waters of Antarctica.
Creating a new drug will take about 10-12 years at the cost of 1/2 billion dollars.
Antibiotics were only used during WWII. Its a very real and worrying problem that we may run out of them. Creating new drugs again and again isn't the answer - its overuse that's caused the problem.
In accordance with wikipedia they were farting around with penicillin in the late 1890s- to 1930s before Flemming took credit for it in 1928 (85 years ago)
But the great war of WW2 helped get the ball rolling on mass production of antibiotics and the discovery of moldy fruit.
Another example of the advancement of medicine brought on by wartime! (OIF/OEF brought us new techniques for battlefield medicine, like tourniquets.)
100% resistant bacteria?

[Citation needed]
I need to start writing for the Onion...,or at least quit reading it.  I'm going to sound like a democrat. but ill change my statement to resistant to several types of antibiotics.

Kiteman3 years ago
You'd get greater benefit if you campaigned to prevent the misuse of existing antibiotics.

● Stop people demanding them for every symptom.
● Make sure that they finish their courses.
● Stop farmers using antibiotics on healthy animals as growth enhancers.
● Control the spread of infection with proper hygiene, soap and hot water instead of antibacterial chemicals.

and don't flush your unused medicine down the toilet...although it has produced the most tastiest three-eyed fish to come out of New York harbor in years...