New Category? How About Hunting :)

Hello! My name is Tyler, and i have a proposal for, or whoever might be interested in helping me with this.
I would love to see a new 'outside' sub-category (I guess you'd call it that) on hunting, trapping, tracking etc created, and it would be thus called, Hunting!
Basically, the idea came to me when i noticed lots of guides like cleaning critters, trap setting/making, how to track animals etc, but to me they don't seem to belong to the right category. I haven't seen any other posts related to this, but I would love to put the idea out there, because I do think it would be quite useful to have a category for hunting, not just sport, but for survival.
I want to also apologize if someone has said this idea before and  i haven't noticed it :-P

I hope this interested at least someone and I hope to see how it goes! :-D
Tyler H.

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hunter9993 years ago

Nice idea! This should go in the suggestions forum - it will have a better chance of being considered.

What does the fox say?
Fox says: "Im gonna blow that rabbits head off"
That fox is gonna kill himself if he shoots that gun with the bolt open!!!
it wont fire with the bolt open, probably wont even be able to squeeze the trigger.
I know that I was only joking!! But Ive heard stories of old guns that the bolt could slide forward when the trigger is pulled!! Kinda scary!
TREX ZoaR0K4 years ago
great idea
I like the idea of a hunting section!
I would love a hunting section!!
Fox hunting
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