New Contest Coming Soon

Wanted to give you all a heads up that a new contest is coming soon and the theme is travel. So start thinking of some great travel tips for driving, flying, adventuring in another country, and more. More details next week.

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Keith-Kid9 years ago
Well its out.

I thought it was a Speed contest, then I saw that it said: starts June, ends July
*sigh* the prizes aren't really interesting to me, except for a shirt.....I thought about entering, but meh.
guyfrom7up9 years ago
I know! I'll time travel to the future, read the contest make an instructable, travel back in time, posting the instructable in a group that doesn't exist yet, and then right a fantastic novel about my travelings.
posting the instructable in a group that doesn't exist yet

That ought to be a neat trick in itself :-)

And there are sure a lot of bad novels out there you can make "right", for sure.
Doveman9 years ago
The hitchhiking instuctable has a good chance.
Kiteman9 years ago
Good grief, I've just entered two contests (with the same 'ible).

Now there's another one...

... I wonder if the boys have any ideas?
benthekahn9 years ago
bumpus9 years ago
sweeeeeeet, im goin to canada in june!, hopefully the contest will be untill i get back
Charles IV9 years ago
Awsome I'm going to California in a couple of weeks!
Brennn109 years ago
Neat, I can probably formulate a decent instructable. I have one in the making, but it is not time related. My current one probably won't finish until the middle of June.
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