Monday Sept 8: Forbes Faberge Egg Contest Starts

Next week Monday, September 8, we'll be starting up the long-awaited Forbes Faberge Egg Contest. You may have seen the teasers in the newsletter and it is most definitely coming soon.

We want to see what amazing decorated eggs you can make. The egg can be real or it can be plastic. The decorations can be traditional or it can be very modern. The materials are up to you and can include high-tech touches. Just don't be subtle about it as the original eggs were completely over the top. You can read more about them here and here.

We'll announce the prizes next week along with the rest of the details of the contest.

Edit: The traditional way is to blow out a real egg to cut open and decorate. Check out Steps 1 and 2 in this Instructable from KaptinScarlet for a quick tutorial.

Picture of Monday Sept 8: Forbes Faberge Egg Contest Starts
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lol this is funny i like the spike thing im gonna make one! except i wont enter it in the contest ill just throw it at my sisters ugly boy friend. lol not well i could
Firebert0109 years ago
:D That is extremely awesome looking.
And spiky! Ouch!
It's drawn blood before.
Thanks =D
Wow! A spiky egg!!
Think fast!
Goodhart9 years ago
Can the egg be wood ? I have one about the size of an ostrich egg
I am serious, I have a rather large solid wooden egg....can I use this?
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