New Contest Next Week: Kids Crafts - UPDATED

Next week we will be starting the SINGER Kids Crafts Contest!

We want to see some awesome projects for kids or for kids to do that involve sewing. It can involve a needle and thread or a sewing machine, but most importantly it needs to be a fun project that a kid can do.

To make it extra fun, SINGER is going to be putting up some awesome sewing machines as prizes. A sweet serger and some other sewing machines will be going out to those who make the best Instructables.

UPDATE: To make the contest even bigger, we're going beyond crafts made by kids and also including crafts made for kids.

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Would a weaving loom count?
fungus amungus (author)  I_am_Canadian7 years ago
No. It has to involve sewing.
Sniff... Sniff...

I thought we were friends!

Okay, thanks.
Just a suggestion here I am, why not make some potholders on your loom and then SEW them together for a nice hot mat or something like that?
Not a bad idea... I might do something for Corking, though.
do the projects need to be done with a Singer sewing machine? (Fond memories..when son was very young, he referred to my sewing machine as "The SEW MACHINE")....days gone by
No, it can be sewn by hand (read the OP).
so..."Singer" doesn't mind if another brand shows up in an instructable that's entered into their contest?
They would probably say ... We got to get that girl on a Singer Machine Lynn
I wouldn't think they'd mind.
sorry to ask-must still have anesthetic in my system from last week's surgery (that and i've been known to read too fast and miss stuff)
I would really love to enter this contest. I have figured out how to add a picture to my user name-would I write out instructions and save them to a document and then upload them to the instructable page? I know there are instructions on how to make an ible...am I understanding how it's done so far? Please be kind...age before beauty (yah yah a politically incorrect comment-I know)
Hey Porcupinemamma I am waiting for you in the kids contest ... hurry up, come on. If you need help making your I'ble just email me.
fungus amungus (author)  porcupinemamma7 years ago
Like jessyratfink said, click on "Submit" at the top and then "Submit new Instructable." Try writing a few steps at first and get the hang of the system. Nobody can see anything until you publish it. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.
Thanks for your help and encouragement fungus amungus and jessyratfink
Once you go to "submit" you'll enter the instructions in step-by-step and upload pictures for each step. You can only edit one step at a time, so if you wrote up a larger document, you could just copy and paste the appropriated information into each step. :)
Could my How to Make a Seed Bomb be used in the kids crafts contest?
No. It does not involve sewing and it was published already. Contests only accept entries that are published within their own time period.
Ethanal7 years ago
So all projects have to include sewing, whether they are crafts for kids to make or crafts made for kids?
fungus amungus (author)  Ethanal7 years ago
DebH577 years ago
This is going to be great, kid projects are always a blast!
I bet you'll win Deb! Cman
Thanks for the vote of confidence CMan!
phalanx4477 years ago
Sounds good. More kids need to know how to sew. I just had to teach a group of my Marines how to.
Time to start brainstorming, then!

Sounds good......

cool picture
I got told off by an education "consultant" recently - apparently brain storm is now frowned upon because of the supposed links to people with certain mental or nervous conditions, such as epilepsy.

We have to call them idea showers now.

I kid you not. :-(
I just gagged hard. That "problem" that changing the phrase "fixed" was purely artificial.
I would like to say again that the amount of political correctness these days makes my head spin. Everything is offensive to everyone, it seems. :P
I find the term "everyone" exclusive and offensive!!!
What about "all of you"?
"Ya'll" will suffice. :P

(And yes, I know the apostrophe shouldn't be there - it looks better that way. Deal with it, people! :P:P)
really? I have always written Y'all but never knew it wasn't suppose to be there.
Y'all is correct, pedantically speaking, since it's a contraction of You all and not Ya all.
Ah, good, I just thought yall looked too much like another word LOL yawl
I don't know, I think both ya'll and y'all are perfectly fine.
Hehe same! :D
The immortal words ring true "(they) can't handle the truth"
Oh no ! What's next? Storm Troopers will now be referred to as Rainyday Afternoon Troopers ? LOL
That may offend some people cause of the white armor, and that they're all men...
Well, that would have happened in the Star Wars movie long before I said anything, right? :-)
This sounds awesome...I'm gonna go idea shower now...lol
Don't idea share with others. They may share your idea with others.
would you call the STI ? Shower transmitted Ideas?
"Okay everyone. Time for Idea showers time. Who'd like to go first?" "He finally lost it..."
LOL, I read about that in the SUN, see it is as bad as you've made it out to be.
Only if you listen to the jobsworths.

Intelligent human beings say stop being a numpty and carry on regardless.

Personally, I think all this PC rot is more insulting to the various minorities it identifies than the behaviour it tries to change - for a start, many of these groups were not singled out until the PC lot created them, plus it makes it look as if the members of those groups are too unintelligent to realise that there is no malice intended in phrases like brainstorm or accident black-spot.
I see a big opprotunity for caitlinsdad here...
DJ Radio7 years ago
wow, at first I thought knex would be allowed, but then I read the rest of the post. oh well.
Unless maybe you built a sewing machine out of K'NEX?
How about sewing some k'nex pieces and putting them together :-)
I can see the ads now: Soft K'nitted K'nex, only a little more useless then real K'nex LOL
Oh, come on. K'nex are great, they are just a bit... over used.
Give me a couple of sets of Lego Mindstorms and that would be much more fun for me anyways
natman Goodhart7 years ago
i agree
Ahhhh kiteman :0) ever thinking projects that rock. wouldn't that be cool?
That is not really possible with pure knex because you need a needle. but yeah, it could be done. I dont really specialize in anything other than knex guns though.
baileygrib7 years ago
It sucks that it has to involve sewing cause i have a PERFECT innstructable.
You could always add something extra that involves a little sewing, or reinforce some stuff with some strong thread. Just a thought...
Now how would you add that to his bubles
(I think he means ibles - many of the older hands shorten the site name.)
Kiteman7 years ago
OMG - Kitewife just got given a 2nd hand machine and is just learning to use it.
Kiteman Kiteman7 years ago
Oh, but I bet they won't mail a sewing machine from the US to the UK.
Kiteman Kiteman7 years ago
Oh! They sell Singer over here, they just need to organise delivery from a UK supplier.
Kiteman Kiteman7 years ago
Oh! Oh! I live five minute's walk from a Singer dealer!
That's gotta be a record for the longest chain of replies to oneself starting with "Oh".
Oh, I don't know... :-D
Oh I KNOW ! (reference: Fawtey Towers)
Warty Towels.
Sorry, spelled it wrong Fawlty Towers You remember.....Connie Booth (Sybil Fawlty) whenever she was on the phone would say little more than "Oh I KNOW !" :-)
Oh, I know, but they also started several episodes with the hotel sign rearranged into an anagram, including, once Flowery T@@@s.
Oh yes, I remember that. :-) It's funny what sticks in my mind and what doesn't sometimes.
Kiteman Kiteman7 years ago
Oh! Oh! Oh! I just thought of the perfect entry!

Crosses fingers about contest dates, since I'm goin on holiday for the next two weeks...
Sunbanks7 years ago
Yay! I suppose a kid could make an ostrich, couldn't they?
ll.137 years ago
*holds breath*
:( I had a sewing project I was writing up that I lost all the pictures to - I'll have to re-do. Side-note - since some children wear hoisery, pantyhose counts, right?
Really small ones, for a Barbie doll, maybe...
:-( Not quite what the project was...hmm...I simply must find a way to spin this project to enter it legitimately...
bumpus7 years ago
In the bag! :D