New Contest Next Week: Kids Crafts - UPDATED

Next week we will be starting the SINGER Kids Crafts Contest!

We want to see some awesome projects for kids or for kids to do that involve sewing. It can involve a needle and thread or a sewing machine, but most importantly it needs to be a fun project that a kid can do.

To make it extra fun, SINGER is going to be putting up some awesome sewing machines as prizes. A sweet serger and some other sewing machines will be going out to those who make the best Instructables.

UPDATE: To make the contest even bigger, we're going beyond crafts made by kids and also including crafts made for kids.

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Would a weaving loom count?
fungus amungus (author)  I_am_Canadian8 years ago
No. It has to involve sewing.
Sniff... Sniff...

I thought we were friends!

Okay, thanks.
Just a suggestion here I am, why not make some potholders on your loom and then SEW them together for a nice hot mat or something like that?
Not a bad idea... I might do something for Corking, though.
do the projects need to be done with a Singer sewing machine? (Fond memories..when son was very young, he referred to my sewing machine as "The SEW MACHINE")....days gone by
No, it can be sewn by hand (read the OP).
so..."Singer" doesn't mind if another brand shows up in an instructable that's entered into their contest?
They would probably say ... We got to get that girl on a Singer Machine Lynn
I wouldn't think they'd mind.
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