New Contest Starting Next Week

We have a couple of great contests running right now with the Get the LED Out! Contest and the new Art of Sound contest and next week we're going to be starting another one. The new contest will be a gardening contest for all you green thumbs out there.

The type of gardening can be anything. From a regular garden to hydroponics or even aeroponics it can all be entered. So if you have anything in mind, get it ready soon.

More details to come next week.

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How to combine knex and gardening...
Wills428 years ago
we need a 'how to do magic' instructable contest! It would be awesome! (If we have already had this contest, well... just ignore me.)
ANDY!8 years ago
Someone should set a cooking contest.
canida ANDY!8 years ago
It's time we ran another one! What type would you recommend?
How about a longer BBQ contest? It's coming up to summer after all. Maybe include a part so non-foodies can enter? I'm thinking home made grills, lighting techniques etc..
fungus amungus (author)  whatsisface8 years ago
A BBQ contest, eh? Hmm...
crockpot contest
hell yes. I have an uber tagine recipe I should make an ible on
recipes, methods, bbq grills (misc. contraptions) ? Ironically, the prize could be coupons to Popeyes LOL
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