New Contest This Week

On Wednesday, a new contest will be starting up. It's an LED contest and the only rule is that the Instructable involves LEDs. Awesome prizes with LEDs in them to be announced later. So start thinking of cool projects right now since we love to see LED projects and this one is open to international entries.

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ampeyro8 years ago
heyy people, anybody knows if the contest is realy international?
KentsOkay8 years ago
CRAP!! I have the perfect project for this but I haven't got the time >_<
Man do I know how you feel :-) I think I have a project for this one though.
THat's nice, cuz I don't :P
the entry deadline for this contest probably won't be for 2 or more months.
Make the time! its a good project!
Let's put it this way: I hate moving!!
The young master of time-travel, how ironic...
We have rules against such use of time-space distortion :T
gmjhowe8 years ago
i actually have, just the project... nearing completion...

Pulse Rifle FTW
Photo 67.jpg
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