New DIY Instructables contest: Going Green

Well, over the past week I was thinking about the environment... and now I'm watching that "6 degrees can changed the world" on NATGEO and it's scary...So I was thinking, why not a new contest? The GO GREEN!! Contest. The challenge would be to make DIY stuff that has to do with using less energy and making the planet better. An example of an entry wcould be a solar oven . What do you think? P.s. Have a waffle ;)

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There's already been a Go Green Contest, but I agree that there should be another one, I love to see all the great ideas people come up with.

P.S. Waffles rule.
Waffles Will Rule (author)  GorillazMiko9 years ago
Me never knew _. Let me go find it...

I think we should have another one then. It won't hurt, right?
Well, I'm not sure if Instructables would repeat another contest.. Try asking Eric, but probably not now-- there's 5 contests right now! FIVE!!!
6 is better LED contest is practically over I can't yoyo worth crap I'm not into the wholemake valentines day thing (girls around where I live don't apreciate hard work) when the yarn thing was up I couldn't figure out anything with yarn I don't have any tool tips, lol
I just wish there was a contest appropriate for my Roy Rogers iBle:

*Looks around* Who, me? *Bewildered and innocent look*.

> slap <
*Innocent look*
here a tool tip you can use, just mention i helped: dont put your fingers near hot or spinning objects. inevitably, disaster ensues.
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