New Group : Scooter Trash - For all of you Bikers, Bikies, Motorcyclists, 1%ers, Citizens and Independants

I've started a new group dedicated to motorcycles and the lifestyle that goes with them. Scooters, Mopeds, Trikes, Sportbikes, Choppers, Bobbers, Cruisers, Tourers: They all count. Feel free to join if you have something to add, or if you're interested in bikes. To me, motorcycles represent freedom. Freedom to go. Freedom to be. Freedom from convention. Freedom to live. Freedom to ride. When you're on a bike with the breeze in your face, bugs in your teeth, and wind in your hair, nothing else matters. Bills, ills, drought, loss, death, strain, stress: all gone while that engine is pounding, and those wheels are rolling. My parents treated them as if they were evil, and I agreed, FOR A WHILE. When I was 17, while they were out of town on vacation, I bought my first bike. It was a beat up 20 year old Harley. It almost never ran, (so Mom and Dad calmed down) but it started a permanent love-affair with cycles. I've owned nearly 50 bikes over the last 20 years, and still own 11 of them. Note: I just went over the list, and I've owned 41 complete bikes, and 17 parts/project bikes, not to mention a barn full of miscellaneous spare parts. So tell me, What do you ride? What do you want to ride? Why do you ride? How long have you been riding? Good/Bad experiences?

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biggdog14 years ago
im from georgia i had a Virago 750 it was my babby good bike for starters then i got a HD Sportster .whitched i loved then the economy crash and i lost my job and my bike so here i am bikeless how i miss the freedom i would give anything to have it back but still not working lost my house my wife no money coming in so now im looking for a bike thats seting in a barn no one is going to fix it up so i can get back on the road i know i sound like a old country song but it is reality ,but i ant a Quitter and i will get back on the road one day im 40 and ben around bikes all of my i know one day i will bounce back
blkhawk5 years ago
I wonder how many Hell's Angels or Pagans are here.
skunkbait (author)  blkhawk5 years ago
I've got a buddy who was in the Pagans, circa '67. He said pretty much his whole chapter was in the pen or in the ground. Of course, they seem to have internet access EVERYWHERE these days!
I used to live very close to an Irish bar. They met one weekend every year at the bar. When the bar closed, that is when the brawling started. I did not have to pay to watch MMA fights, I saw them for free! :-)
abadfart5 years ago
well i have now had several motorcycles and cant wait for my next... but it will be about a year untell i will have my foot back in working order. the doctors say if it wasn't for my boots i wouldn't have my right foot and if it weren't for the helmet i wouldn't be sitting here to remind you to keep on using that gear because mine means i get to get back on the bike, after i build my new one.
odavidson7 years ago
Recently I got a 27 year old yamaha yb100. It's great and I love it to pieces. Im waiting on my next mcpay check so i can get my CBT and insurance. I can't wait to hit the road and just ride. Riding off road I've already fallen of it, smashed my knee into the petrol tank denting it, and grazed up a lot. But I can't wait to ride on the road.
PKM odavidson7 years ago
YB100! I learnt to ride (and learnt to love bikes) on my parents' old YB100. They eventually gave up on it when it started to cost more than the bike was worth to get it through an MOT, but my petrolhead friends and I kept it running until one day it just stopped sparking... we took off the engine cover and it turned out there had been moss growing in the air filter for some time O_O

My current ride is its younger, sexier brother the YBR125 which is about to cost me the best part of £500 in repairs after some (censored) decided to try and abscond with it for a saturday night laugh.  Still- the police caught him and I have a compensation claim form so maybe it will turn out ok :)
odavidson PKM7 years ago
that sucks about your YBR125, thats a lovely bike. I hope your claim comes through in time to help repair it. Last night I took my YB100 to an empty car park, and had a ride around with a friend, up to about 35mph, which can be terrifying, but I loved every second, She even pulled a wheelie in first and second, not bad for a 27 year old bike :P It has such great acceleration, when you step up into second and open up the taps she goes like grease lightning!
skunkbait (author)  odavidson7 years ago
If you don't fall occasionally, when riding off-road, you're just not trying hard enough!! But be careful on the pavement. It's awesome when someone puts one of those old bikes back on the road. SOme of those old bikes draw more attention than very expensive new bikes. It takes "character" to ride a classic.
Haha, thats true, I was doing 25mph on a very bumpy chalk lane, had to replace the front and back brake levers, and the headlamp bulb, but even for such an old bike found all the parts for under £20 on ebay. But It's such a great bike, and such fun to ride.
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