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I love the 'new' instructables' front page with the large search leader - arduino - which disappears when you highlight it and type in your criteria.  Well done guys - love it!

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The Valiant4 years ago
While I love the new look and search (good job guys) - it's unfortunate that you removed the display of 'ibles on the front page (I know, I know, there are a few 'popular' and some text only 'recents' at the bottom, but this isn't the same thing).

I used to use the front page heavily to 'browse' through the displayed 'ibles. Now I would have to click through to multiple category pages to view the same thing - which is a lot less likely to happen (maybe I should thank you for being less of a time sink though)

Overall, I like the design and think it will be better for existing/experienced users who use the search a lot more. But I think it would be less 'sticky' for new visitors than the old front page.
it doesn't work well for searching previous ibles that i had been to 7 or more times with the same search words. i found the ible only after searching through schoocamoro hot sauce contest recipes, where before i just searched used the terms pineapple mango hot sauce, or other combinations of ingredients. it is Favorited now, i though it was before, but who knows.
I love that new design too... Good done Instructables staff!
"Arduino" disappears with single click on it in my Chrome, so I think everything works fine..
bricabracwizard (author)  andrea biffi4 years ago
The instructables staff fixed that one very quickly
pranjal124 years ago
The new design is just too good.The only thing I want to tell is why not make the contest page more open and showing the entries with some more space in between.
And also why not show all the entries on one page,its a very boring job to load the next page.The entries could load as we scroll down like in googlr images.
Still awesome website!!
caitlinsdad4 years ago
Which OS and browser are you using? The text Arduino still sticks around in Chrome/winXP causing it to append to the search criteria unless you clear it out.
Did this clear up for you yet, or is it still getting appended?
The word arduino types itself out and occupies the entry line. A casual user will just start typing in whatever, say puppet. You click on the little magnifying glass icon to search. The search returns no results because you see the search criteria is "arduinopuppet". Most web designers would say, maybe the visual cue that it is a search box the text would be greyed out and it is an underlying graphic and you could just start typing there without doing any other work or else the occupying text should be highlighted so the instant you start typing the word arduino is deleted and not have any new text append to the string. See, this should be basic usability that your programmers should be looking out for but seem to try to prove that they ignore basic principles or have no knowledge or training in which invokes the ire of the public and professionals in the field.
You are indeed correct. We'll have a fix up for that shortly. It's a pretty awesome project generator though ;)
Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 8.30.26 PM.png
bricabracwizard (author)  caitlinsdad4 years ago
This has now been sorted - thanks.
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