New G36K (unfinished)

Hey guys.

Well, dr. richtofen asked me to give him some pics of my new and improved G36K, and so I decided to post it forum topic. I would like you guys to help me out with what I have or may miss, and and just give me some advice in general. What type of barrel should I use...things like that.

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Picture of New G36K (unfinished)
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Good so far
What do you think about the dr.'s? What things would you like to see in mine?
the dr.s is ok but i think it needs a few tweeks on the handle and stock, what i would like to see in your's though, is a decent firing mech but still has a good look to it
Alright, will do.
I finished it. I put rec0n's stock on, and a pistol grip.
Awe man! You beat me to it! Are you gonna post, cause if not, I'll finish mine today or tomorrow...You are really fast! Yours is pretty nice, but I have some changes to make, but thanks for helping! Sometimes I wonder why you are my favorite K'NEXer, and then you remind me...again...and again...and again...XD
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Wow, thanks a lot! You can post yours if you want. Or make a collaborate instructable of it, and mentions the parts I made and you made seperatly in the description.
Yup, no problem. Is is possible to make a collaborate 'ible only in a preview type? Here...I'll try...
I think you need to at least post a slideshow. In the edit section, you see 'edit, publish, share'. On the right of those options, you see more. click on it, then 'collaborate'. You can add collaboraters there I think.
Yup, just figured that out...thanks for the help anyhoo...XD
Here are some internals from the back part, so you can see how the handle attaches. Also, I made the magwell different from yours. It could probably house a shooting mech easily, but my yellows and whites are almost/completely used in the gun itself
Alright, thanks bro.
Yep. Gonna take some photos now
Good. :-)
I'll take some photos of my Saiga, after that I'll build what you already have, and see if I can fit a grip and stock on it.
Great! I cannot wait to see what you build out of it...