New Group: Volunteers

I've been thinking that this group / service has been necessary for some time, so I've finally gone and done it.

If you're willing to be singled out as a helpful individual, then please join Volunteers. You may want to start a thread detailing what in areas you are willing or able to offer help or advice.

If you want help, check out the membership of Volunteers, and either PM the appropriate member directly, or start a thread with Volunteer in the title and as a keyword.

Oh, and my own specialities? Science, use of English and general know-it-allness.

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jessyratfink10 years ago
I can help with editing instructables and with layout problems. I like editing. :D
Proof reading too? Sometimes it takes me 5 re-reads to see I have type the the word the twice (&etc) sigh
Yep, proof eading too. I consider all of those things one big editing beast. :D
XD Proof ead that comment again... ;-)
coffee anyone ?
Really? I wish I could but I am so tired.
reminds me of the other day... saw a girl trip and i kind of smiled and her friend was like "look, hes laughing at you" and she was like "STOP LAUGHING AT ME, IVE HAD A BAD DAY. JUST NOBODY TALK TO ME, NOBODY LAUGH AT ME, IVE HAD A BAD DAY!!!" it was funny... i laughed.
Hahaha, well, at least I didn't freak out on anybody like that. I did trip several times though. Sleep deprivation is lovely. :D
(AIM higher)

(wink wink nudge nudge)
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