New Group for New Authors

We've moved the New Author Incentive into its own group! 

Add your new Instructables to the New Authors Group, and follow the guide to see each week's selected author.  This is a great place to see all of the new Instructables showcased, and to start as many forums as you'd like around the topic.

Keep spreading the word, and remember, the more people you refer, the greater your chances are of getting free stuff too!

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uziham5 years ago
I'm new ismine
what do i do now?
Kiteman uziham5 years ago
That's a start, but you won't get it featured because the designs are not yours, and the instructions you give are very brief.

If you like paper aeroplanes, what you do next is design your own and explain how to make it and fly it.
He's right, uziham. Take it from me; I'm licensed.
DANCE2ME5 years ago
May I join the authors club

________________________________________________________________ Lyssa Luvs y0u
ChrysN DANCE2ME5 years ago
Go here (  Then click the Join this Group button on the right, then post an instructable.
DANCE2ME ChrysN5 years ago
thank you
Kiteman5 years ago
When you say "follow the guide", is this a new feature, or do you just mean "keep an eye on the guide"?

(Sorry, I've only been awake an hour, my brain is still mush.)
scoochmaroo (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Just keep an eye on it. It's tucked away under another tab, and not so obvious as before.
Oh, just thought - if, when you update the guide, you also hit the publish button again, all your fourteen gazzillion followers will get an email about it!
Moem5 years ago
Scoochmaroo, you're such an Ibler Enabler.
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