New Gun: Prototype XM-177 Compact , should I post?

This is a gun prototype, meaning it is not quite done yet, that fires yellow rods. It is named after the CAR-15/XM-177 assault rifle from Colt, however it IS NOT full-auto, meaning you have to cock it each time to fire. You can cock it by pulling the "bolt" back as seen in pictures 3 and 4, 3 bieng in the cocking position and 4 being in the cocked position. Picture 1 is of the chamber with one shot in it, and picture 2 is of the butt of the gun. Picture 5 and 6 are of the sights, 5 is the first sight and 6 are the rear sights. So tell me, should I post it? UPDATE: 4/28/07 I added two more pics. Picture 7 is a view through the sights, picture 8 is of a bi-pod I designed specificaly for this gun.

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Whaleman (author) 10 years ago
NOTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REGRET TO INFORM ALL OF YOU, BUT I WILL NOT be posting THIS version of the gun as it shoots 5 feet, however I am working on a similar design that I will post. So if you really want to, you can build this from just the pics I will be posting, if you can't though, then tough luck.
5 feet is still better than my rifles... I Am no good at making my own guns... oh, well... But I did Build a device that was like a catapult that goes on your arm... that shot one of those Halo grenades almost 400 feet... too bad I don't have any pics of it to show U guys...
no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! y i don't care if it shoots 6"
Pbyrd10 years ago
Yes post i love the colt automatic rifle (CAR) series
HamO10 years ago
another no here.
HamO HamO10 years ago
Not everything (check my comments on numerous other instructubles and forums), just useless knex guns!
Mepain HamO10 years ago
You say no to everything.
Juls10 years ago
it looks alot like a G36 or a SCAR assualt rifle which are both pretty badass so u shud post
gunmanx10 years ago
it looks like it has bottom load feed u shud realy post looks cool
It may not bee Anything extremely new, but it is a very nicely made gun, so you should post.
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