New Home Page Mockup!

Everyone is complaining about how inconvenient the latest home page is, and I agree. See here. So I put together a quick mockup of a home page concept. Please take a look and tell me what you think. What parts do you like, and which parts need work? Feedback is greatly appreciated, especially from the admins. However, "This sucks because I don't like it" is not an acceptable comment. I prefer "This part sucks, do this to fix it."

I've posted my original version and a version with notes.
Full Resolution Images Can Be Found Here.

(or click the [ i ] box icon at the upper left of each picture.)

Picture of New Home Page Mockup!
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That's a fine start. I like the side notes on the high res images.

I can't see the high res images - where are they?
Its the click on the i trick
JamesRPatrick (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
Oh! I never knew you could do that. I'll stop posting links now.
Oh, that - I think OP meant the high res were at his blog, but that link is now deleted...
JamesRPatrick (author) 6 years ago
By the way, I think the current page is now more usable and I like it more than when this topic was posted. It could still fit some more instructables in though.
purecajn6 years ago
Why are people always compelled to change up something that is working? If your gonna spring these new cover-pages on us at least give us the option of which type of cover-page we want to view (ex. make multiple design concepts available at all times and the user picks the one that best suits them) Then we can change at our convenience like one does with their Desktops background and/or like the Firefox customization feature.
JamesRPatrick (author)  purecajn6 years ago
All layout concepts are welcome if you would like to submit one. If enough good ideas come together, they're bound to influence future staff choices. (By the way, I don't work for instructables. I just want to find a layout that the majority will agree upon.)
I appreciate the offer, but I believe you missed my whole point. I'm sure the Instructables site has used many different layouts for their home page in the past. Rather than scrapping all those different designs allow users who sign up too Instructables to choose which ever layout they prefer. You can put the different options in the "Settings/Customize" section. In that manner you can please more people at one time as they'll be able to stay whith the current or switch to an alternative at their leisure. Maybe even have a section under settings where people can upload a page layout.
SHIFT! purecajn6 years ago
Hmmmm, speaking as a fan, an original orange background might look nicer but wouldn't that clash against some of the pictures on the 'ibles? I think an off white or yellow might look slightly better.

Also, I don't know much about programming, admittedly, but wouldn't switching out to completely different layouts take a little longer to load? Or would this be simply a color change?
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