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Hey i have a couple ideas to enter in the epilog laser contest If you have any post em and get them reviewed. One idea i have is a Laser Pistol! its an old technique of stimulating photons. If it is run under the best conditions it can be up to 1,000,000 Watts at 1 ms bursts, post your new ideas

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Hows that laser coming along?!?
itsthatsguy (author)  beyondimagination8 years ago
its pretty good i have all the parts just neeed to align the mirrors and it good to go
PKM itsthatsguy8 years ago
Have you got it emitting properly with the camera flash pump? I'm very interested to see how well it ends up working.
A good name8 years ago
Ah... so you want us to post our ideas on here to be reviewed by you. No thanks, I think I'll keep my project and the credit for it.
itsthatsguy (author)  A good name8 years ago
LOL i was just making small talk about the projects, and i wanted to give a sneak peek as to what i will be entering, unfortunatly i do not have the time to finsh it by the deadline. anyway i'll get it in next year
Dr.Bill8 years ago
co2 lasers can be built cheap.
MegaMaker8 years ago
Does anyone know about how much a Zing Laser Cuttuer costs on average?
The 45W epilog helix cost 20 000$ I don't know about thw zing laser.I would guest 8000$.
Cool, sounds pretty cheap actually, thanks.
Yes the one that this site is offering is $8,000 U.S.
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