New Instructables Shirt Store Now Open! Make a Custom Shirt!

We have a new t-shirt store open! Choose your own design and what kind of shirt you want. It's entirely custom and up to you!

We shut down our Instructables Store a little while ago, but wanted to keep a variety of shirts available without worrying about inventory. So we've created a store on Spreadshirt where you can choose your own design, place it, resize it, and get it made.

Let us know what you think!

Instructables t-shirt store

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Keith-Kid9 years ago


I am SO buying one!

..when I get money.....


OMG I wish I could have at least one tshirt! they're so cool!
You... get... kind of... excited... don't... you, Keith-Kid?
backs away slowly...

You're kind of scaring me...
continuing to back away slowly

(LOL! You're kind of funny when you're excited:-)
LOL! I was wondering if there was someplace to buy an Instructables Robot t-shirt! But I'm hoping, someday, I can win one of those really awesomely cool prize packs! *sigh* :)
LOL! I'm just kidding! (though you are kind of funny when you're excited!)
Dang it I'm broke :(
Patrik9 years ago
Has anyone tried the hand logo yet? I'd love to make a T-shirt, with just a huge hand on the back - as big as it'll go. I'm a bit worried about how crisp the design will be at that size though. Kinda like this:
i've ordered from spreadshirt before and their quality is amazing. i'm sure the hand would look smashing! ;)
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