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Hello everyone its robots199 here. If you look at the picture below you can see my new avatar icon. If you are wondering what does this matter to me? I will tell you... I will be making avatars like these for free for anyone who requests one. You chose the color and the fonts.

If you think I should make this an instructable Please say so

Picture of New Custom Instructables Avatar
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Chicken22098 years ago
Im not quite sure you could make an ible about this...
One of the Burning Questions is make an avatar. It has been answered quite a few times now.
im just saying its a bit simplistic
So's the question.
You seen the latest additions to the latitude performers?
Quickly visits website

Grins widely!

I'm glad we bought the tickets already - they'll start disappearing real fast now. That comedy line-up is brilliant.
I just got the festival republic newsletter email, it looks really good, especially the comedy tent.
Oh, so true. All we need to do is find somewhere to plonk the boys when the fruitier-language comedians are on stage. Or maybe earplugs...
iPod LOL
true dat
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