New Instructables Books for 2013

For the past year or so, the Instructables team has worked with Skyhorse Publishing to create a series of print books highlighting projects published by authors like you. We invited authors to share their projects, and each author whose project was printed in the book will receive a free copy in the coming weeks.

We’re excited to have a new place to show off the creativity, intelligence, and ingenuity of Instructables authors. These books are for sale on Amazon, from ThinkGeek, and will turn up at various retailers as they purchase lots from Skyhorse. Your local Spencer’s Gifts and Sam’s Club may carry a few titles, and it's up to the book vendors to determine whether they can sell these to that person you know who would absolutely LOVE Instructables but isn't really a computer person. (Though there is an app for that.)

Backyard Rockets
Here is the list of books that we’ve created so far, along with a handful that are still preorder-only (denoted with *):

If YOU want to buy Backyard Rockets or Office Weapons through ThinkGeek, well, we just set up a special deal for Pro members to get a discount code. Not just on the books, either. Grab a hackable sonic screwdriver, bacon shaving cream, or some nerdy threads for less than you’d spend if you weren’t a Pro member.

Check to see if you're a Pro member by visiting the You page. If you're not yet a Pro member, you can buy a membership or earn one by making something awesome.

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What about a new page for 2015?

Also wondered that but it seems one has to check book shops and online stores for it.

Vyger3 years ago

I guess there is no new page for the 2014 books.

It's a bit confusing especially since someone said there would be none for 2014. Also the earlier message I got last year was for 2013 books but maybe those got put off until 2014? I don't know.

However :

I received an instructables message that they wanted to send me a copy of one of the new books since apparently I am one of the authors (Yeah, my second one) So in my search to try and find out more about it I actually found it on Amazon.

It says it was published May 27th 2014. I still have no idea which of my instructables was picked, I guess I just have to wait and see when I get my copy.

BUT --- Yes there is at least one new book out for 2014.

ilpug Vyger3 years ago

So apparently one of my Instructables is in here as well? Cool! Do I get a thing?

Vyger ilpug3 years ago

You are supposed to get a free copy. You should have received a message from Instructables asking for address information, where to ship it to. You needed to respond to that message.

However, I have not received my copy or even a notice that they shipped it so I don't know what is going on. I hope they are still sending one.

Vyger Vyger3 years ago

I went back through my messages and this is the book they were talking about back in 2013. In fact I received that notification in Sept 2013. So it took them a year to get it into print. Not bad considering all of what is invloved.

Vyger Vyger3 years ago

By the way, if anybody wants me to autograph their copy just let me know. You will have to pay for the shipping, both ways. It is highly unlikely that it will increase the value of your copy but I would be glad to sign my name to it anyway. I can't stop laughing. -----

I got a email saying one of my projects will be in the 2014 published book. When do they come out ?

2014 book??

When was that announced??

Vyger Kiteman3 years ago

May 2014

You can read my other notes as to why I know about it.

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